In September 2013, Nowis Techoloy Ltd. had an idea to publish a mobile app which combining games, charging function and experience pets training.
Fuwapaca is the main character in the application. He contains a lovely, cute image where attracted children and teens.
By above ideas, Fuwapaca and his friend Fuwaboru has be created. Nowis Tech. Ltd. wishes there will be more alpaca friends to greet everyone in the future!





The pronunciation of Alpaca and soft texture in Japanese is "A-ru-pa-ca" and "Fu-wa-Fu-wa" respectively. Therefore we named him as Fuwapaca which means a soft alpaca. Also we hope to bring out a cute, friendly feeling and promote a message of relax-pleasant life  to all user.


After creating Fuwapaca, our team hope to design a friend company with him. We expected to use pink color to show her is a girl. The character needs to represent a lovely and sweet image. Thereby we designed a girl which look like a marshmallow. She is soft and has a cotton-candy appearance. As "bo-ru" means ball in Japan. Alike with Fuwapaca, we named her Fuwaboru.

Fuwapaca is a white, fluffy alpaca who is energetiv and lively everyday.

Fuwaboru is Fuwapaca's friend since childhood. She particularly loves wearing  red ribbon.